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Glenn Insurance, Inc. is a Trusted Choice Independent Agent with offices in Absecon and Vineland, New Jersey. We have created this site to be your complete insurance resource and to assist you with all of your insurance needs. You will find links to insurance information, free quote requests, online customer service and more.
We are always available to offer you personal, expert help with all of your insurance needs. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us.
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Congratulations to these Glenn Employees…

Glenn Insurance, Inc. is proud to announce the promotions of Gina Lushina (employee since 1988) to Vice President Commercial Operations, Jay Wimberg (employee since 1998) to Assistant Vice President Professional Liability Sales and Underwriting Coordinator, JoAnne Krall (employee since 2003) to Claims Manager and Julie Parker (employee since 1999) to Commercial Supervisor. 

In addition, Glenn Insurance, Inc. is proud to announce the appointments of Samantha Guerro (employee since 2003) to Training and Procedures and Carol Weisman (employee since 1987) to Claims Adjuster. 

We sincerely thank all of them for their dedication and commitment to the business and wish them many years of continued success.


Hunting Safety

As hunting season comes to a head, many professionals are gearing up to find game for the holidays. Whether a professional or amateur hunter, you can never be too safe. Here are a few tips on doing that!

Usually states require a license for those who participate in hunting activities. Search your state government’s website for more information about how to acquire your license. You can also get the information on approved hunting areas in your state. Begin to look into acquiring your license months before hunting season to avoid any delay.

Many homeowners policies have a sublimit for firearms. If you have an extensive collection or valuable guns, you may want to consider talking to your Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent about insuring them on a special endorsement to the policy.


According to the United States Forest Service, here are things you should do to prepare the day of your hunting excursion:

  • Check weather reports before visiting the forest.
  • Tell someone where you will be hunting and when you will return.
  • Be familiar with the area you want to hunt.
  • Dress properly and be prepared for the worst possible conditions.
  • During certain seasons, wear hunter orange viewable from all directions.
  • If accompanied by a dog, the dog should also wear hunter orange or a very visible color on a vest, leash, coat, or bandana.
  • Check hunting equipment before and after each outing, and maintain it properly. Familiarize yourself with its operation before using it in the field.
  • Carry a spare set of dry clothing. Use layering techniques to prevent moisture while retaining body warmth. Always bring rain gear.
  • Carry a first aid kit.
  • Clearly identify your target before shooting. Prevent unfortunate accidents or fatalities.
    Put hunting plans in writing (dates, times, location and expected time of return). The Coast Guard recommends putting boating plans in writing; leaving one at home and one on your vehicle.
  • Be alert when hunting near developed areas and trails. Other recreationists are in the forest as well.
  • Avoid wearing white or tan during deer season. Wear hunter orange or another highly visible color.

In the off-season, be sure to keep guns and ammunition locked up and secure. Also be sure to secure keep hunting vehicles insured in the off-season. You don’t want to come upon the next hunting season and forget to insure your hunting vehicle or have lapses. Talk to your Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent about insuring expensive hunting gear and vehicles. Happy hunting!

Life Insurance: Can You Live Without It?
In the thick of an economic slump, many consumers aren’t likely to have “buy life insurance” at the top of their to-do lists.
Yet life insurance is indispensable. Parents and business owners—indeed, anyone who has people dependent on them financially either at home or at work—can benefit from the unique advantages of life insurance.
In the United States, consumers and businesses owned more than $19 trillion of life insurance as of year-end 2007, reported the American Council of Life Insurers.
Yet a myth persists that life insurance is too costly, falsely contributing to the perception that life insurance is not a necessity. But life insurance has actually declined or flattened in price in the past several years, according to a recent report by the Insurance Information Institute.
A 2008 survey by the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education noted other obstacles for consumers: 23 percent of consumers just had not gotten around to buying it, and 22 percent confessed they did not know enough about it.
What is life insurance? Life insurance is a financial contract in which a life insurance company agrees to pay an amount of money to a person upon the death of another person, in exchange for regular payments (known as premiums).
Life insurance serves two key financial functions. First, it’s a tool for prepaying for immediate expenses needed soon after the time of a person’s death. Second, it’s a way to generate substantial investment capital to produce future income (to replace income that an insured person would have been providing if they had not died).
Because a deceased breadwinner no longer is providing an income stream from salary, commissions or wages, a family needs to have invested funds that can generate replacement income. Likewise, a business owner who passes away leaves behind co-owners and employees who need funds to replace the person’s expertise and revenue-generating capabilities, or to restructure the business.
Life insurance provides that large sum of capital, at a time (death) that cannot be predicted.
To determine if and how much life insurance is appropriate, a Trusted Choice® insurance professional like Glenn Insurance can help answer two important questions:
1) How much cash will be needed upon the death of a parent, business owner, or other individual? These immediate costs often include uninsured medical expenses and funeral expenses. Additionally, many consumers and business owners have financial obligations that do not go away upon death: a mortgage loan, auto loans, business loan or line of credit, credit card debt and college costs, to name the most common.
2) How much annual income would sustain a household? An estimate of income for a family starts with the amount of income earned in the year prior to a breadwinner’s passing. From there, additional expenses (child care, for example) should be added; while living expenses for the deceased person can be subtracted.
A Trusted Choice® insurance professional can help calculate the amount needed today that would provide an annual income for a certain number of years in the future. That’s the starting point in a decision of how much life insurance you need for your family or business.
Your Trusted Choice® insurance professional can help sort out other potential sources of funds, such as Social Security benefits, pension income, group life insurance benefits, and investment income from other assets. These amounts typically reduce a person’s need for life insurance, but don’t eliminate the need.
Life insurance comes in two broad types: term (or temporary) and permanent (or lifetime). Term life insurance pay benefits if the death of the insured person happens during the “term” of the policy (anywhere from one year to as much as 20 years). Permanent life insurance pays benefits no matter when the insured person dies. (It is known as “whole life” since it is in force the whole lifetime of the insured person.) There are varieties of permanent life insurance, such as universal life, variable life and traditional whole life.
More than 1,000 licensed life insurance companies in the United States make for a competitive marketplace for consumers. That competition has driven down costs for term life insurance, reported the Insurance Information Institute, while keeping permanent life insurance costs stable.
Premiums are calculated for each person who applies for life insurance, based on cost tables. Age (the older, the higher the cost) and health status are two key factors life insurers use to set premiums. One lesser-known discount: per-unit cost for life insurance goes down with larger amounts purchased.
Life insurance is distinct from other financial products because of two key tax advantages: the money paid into a permanent life insurance policy can accumulate free of income taxation; and the benefits paid from a life insurance contract are free of income taxation.
Some people may think they can live withoutlife insurance, but in reality it’s their families and businesses that cannot. If you want to increase the financial security of your family or business, contact a Trusted Choice® insurance professional to begin a discussion of life insurance needs and solutions.
Our Life and Health Department has contracted with top providers including AARP, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and Mutual of Omaha for Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans. If you are currently enrolled in Medicare or will be enrolling soon, we can assist with plan selection to ensure you get the best Medicare supplemental coverage. For more information, visit our Medicare Supplements page.


Glenn Insurance has been appointed as an agent for Teachers' Insurance Plan of NJ. We are one of only 20 agents in the state to be appointed as agents for this company, which previously only wrote their policies directly - not utilizing local agencies.

Teachers' Insurance Plan of NJ offers automobile insurance at reduced rates to teachers, retired teachers and other school employees. In addition to reduced rates, these policies include roadside assistance and offer $0 deductible for accidents or damage occurring on school property.

If you, a family member, or friend think that you might be eligible, Contact Us for a quote.

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