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Glenn Insurance, Inc. is a Trusted Choice Independent Agent with offices in Absecon and Vineland, New Jersey. We have created this site to be your complete insurance resource and to assist you with all of your insurance needs. You will find links to insurance information, free quote requests, online customer service and more.
We are always available to offer you personal, expert help with all of your insurance needs. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us.
 Featured Articles 

August is Children's Eye Health & Safety Month

Did you know that 80% of all learning takes place through the eyes? For a child, a vision impairment can not only impact their ability to learn, but lessen their performance in sports and negatively affect their social interactions.

Children with poor vision may appear to have a learning disorder or attention deficit, when in fact they are having challenges coping with an undiagnosed vision problem.

An eye chart test can not assess the full scope of a child’s vision. To ensure that they are equipped to succeed in school and in life, it is vitally important they be seen for a comprehensive eye examination on a periodic basis.

At Glenn Insurance, we are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles.  Prevention is key to ensuring optimal wellness.

Contact our Life & Health department for additional information about vision benefits.

Sight is precious . . . preserve it.


Stay Safe on the Water with Fishing Boat Insurance

Whether you enjoy fishing for recreation, sport or as a profession, once you own a fishing boat, you have made a significant investment in this gratifying pursuit. The expense of equipment such as gear and tackle can add up quickly, particularly for commercial fishermen. The open water can present hazardous conditions, so it's a good idea to protect your investment with a fishing boat insurance policy.

Know Basic Boat Angler Insurance Coverage Options

Fishing boat insurance policies can vary significantly depending on your specific needs. The two basic components of every fishing insurance policy are liability coverage and hull coverage.

Liability coverage offers restitution for property damage and bodily injury for which you may be held accountable. This includes injuries to passengers on your boat, and any injuries or damages to others – such as water-skiers or other boaters – after an accident you cause. If you are sued as the result of a covered incident, your liability insurance will help to cover your legal fees and court costs.

Hull coverage will provide compensation for any damages to your boat, including damages to the engine, navigation equipment, machinery and other components on board. This coverage will include damages caused by collisions, weather, natural disasters, fire, vandalism and theft.

Insurers typically offer reduced rates for named-risk coverage, which provides compensation only for the hazards specifically named in your policy. However, this type of coverage can create major gaps in coverage that will leave you unprotected after an unexpected disaster. To be sure you’re fully covered, be sure to choose an all-risk policy

Research Other Available Coverage Options

Most insurance companies offer a wide variety of coverage options so you can customize your policy to meet your needs. The coverage options available will vary by company, so you may need to ask questions and explain your circumstances in order to ensure that you are fully covered for all possible hazards. Some of the more common coverage options are as follows:

Uninsured boaters insurance: This insurance provides additional medical coverage in the event that you are injured in a collision with an uninsured boater.

Fuel spill and wreckage clean-up insurance: Occasionally, boat collisions require costly clean-up. This is particularly true when fuel spills pollute the water. If you are deemed responsible for damages, you will be required to cover the clean-up costs. This added insurance will help cover this expense, as well as any debris.

Premises liability coverage: This coverage is useful for commercial fishing establishments that perform fishing operations both on and off the boat. It includes personal injury and medical payments coverage as well as libel, slander, wrongful entry and invasion of privacy. This coverage is designed to help you if someone is injured or you're liable for damages on your boat.

Storm haul-out insurance: In the event of an NOAA-named storm in your area, this coverage will assist with the costs of hauling or safely securing your boat.

Gear and fishing tackle insurance: While your hull insurance will protect the components of your boat from loss and damage, in order to protect your expensive fishing equipment, you will need to add on the gear and fishing tackle insurance.

Tournament insurance: Those who enjoy sports fishing often compete in fishing competitions. Tournament coverage will provide you with the necessary liability coverage needed to compete in these tournaments. It may also cover any tournament entry fees, for example if the fees are paid but your boat is damaged and you are unable to participate.

Charter boat coverage: If you are working as a fishing guide or are running a charter boat fishing operation, charter boat coverage is required by law and necessary to protect your business assets.


Glenn Insurance has been appointed as an agent for Teachers' Insurance Plan of NJ. We are one of only 20 agents in the state to be appointed as agents for this company, which previously only wrote their policies directly - not utilizing local agencies.

Teachers' Insurance Plan of NJ offers automobile insurance at reduced rates to teachers, retired teachers and other school employees. In addition to reduced rates, these policies include roadside assistance and offer $0 deductible for accidents or damage occurring on school property.

If you, a family member, or friend think that you might be eligible, Contact Us for a quote.

Our Life and Health Department has contracted with top providers including AARP, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and Mutual of Omaha for Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans. If you are currently enrolled in Medicare or will be enrolling soon, we can assist with plan selection to ensure you get the best Medicare supplemental coverage. For more information, visit our Medicare Supplements page.

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